Why Soup projects are important to me

Growing up I was always a bit of a dreamer, I grew up on a council estate in what I would consider to be a deprived area, local school results were below average and apparently, children who grew up in that area “weren’t expected to amount to much” –incorrect person of authority whom will not be named, but I was determined that I would. In 2008, I left college with average grade A-Levels and hit a brick wall while applying for jobs (I was young and timid and could not recognise my own worth),  and so I, with no experience of running a business, decided to set up my first ever music events business.     

In 2010, after a few years of gaining some more work experience and attending business workshops, I finally launched the business (with a lot of support from some amazing people who I could not have done it without) and never looked back.  Now a few years older, I run a Community Interest Company of which I’ve put on some ‘dream’ events with (including a music tour, stages at various music festivals and a Tour de France spectator hub), enrolled into University to get a degree in the industry that I love, and I’m finally starting to see my worth.

Having attended a friend’s Soup Event a few years ago, it made me realise that this was exactly the type of event and community that 19-year old me could have benefited from attending, for the confidence boost and the support and to be around likeminded people who want to do good in the community but don’t have the tools or the support they need to start. I’m hoping that starting a Soup in Swansea will create a community and a support system so that those who want to start or continue projects which will benefit the local community, can get their voices heard and feel supported by people who share their visions too.   

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